Bill of Sale

Once pup has been paid for, we will electronically send you this agreement to electronically sign through DOCU-SIGN or you can sign in person at pickup

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Sales Contract & Health Guarantee etc.

It is the buyers responsibility to understand and review all terms

Deposit Receipt

Once a deposit has been made, we will electronically send you this agreement to electronically sign through DOCU-SIGN

Health Guarantee 

We stand behind every pup we breed & raise. Every pup comes with a health guarantee, lifetime support & more!​


  • All Deposits/ payments are NON-REFUNDABLE*

  • (if for some reason we are not able to give you a puppy from the desired litter, we will give you a puppy from the next litter available.)

  • The only time you can move litters is if there is not a puppy for you to have.

  • Buyer is responsible for all delivery/shipping cost. we will hold the puppy for up to 3 days after they are weaned and ready (8 weeks old). after this there is a $25 a day room/board/feeding/caring/
  • vaccination fee. 

  • All sales are FINAL (no refunds even if you return the puppy) there are NO CASH REFUNDS (on a case by case basis we can use any deposits/payments made towards a future puppy) 

  • We will exchange your puppy if it has a life threatening genetic defect (as outlined in the health guarantee)
  • We do not guarantee against common problems in puppies such as Hernias, cryptorchidism, parasites etc. things like this are very common in pups. 


  • We ship puppies using Delta Cargo (delta airlines) usually. on a case by case baisis we can use other airlines.

  • There is a common mis understanding that shipping is not safe, this is FALSE, shipping is very safe and secure. We have never had a negative experience with shipping, ever. We ship pups on a regular basis. We will take care of all the details and arrangements. 

  • We will let you know when and where to pickup your puppy.  When shipping you will pickup your pup at the closest delta cargo location to you.

  • Price for shipping is $600 additional for 48 States( alaska & hawaii additonal)  for a 8 week old leonberger puppy. (all pups ship at 8 weeks old , unless they are in one of our training programs (price goes up from here depending on the age and size of the puppy, the bigger the puppy the more expensive the crate & flight are)

  • $600 includes:

-airline ticket to closest international airport with a priority as a non stop flight

- airline approved kennel that is yours to keep & you can use

-Certified Health Certificate: all puppies are required to have this. this gives you peace of mind knowing your puppy is healthy.

-food/water containers that attach to crate door.

-transportation to the airport