How do deposits work??

-Deposits are $500 and are non refundable, however it guarantees you a puppy once one becomes available. 

- Deposits are filled in order as we have avaliable puppies.  as you can see some deposits are filled and have recieved pups, some are waiting for a puppy and some may be in training or pending shipping. 

- If a momma only has 5 pups, the first 5 deposits will be filled, all deposits after that will move onto the next liter, for example: If we have 7 deposits, and she has 5 pups, the #6 & #7 deposits will then become #1 and #2 deposits on the next liter. 

-We have 4 breeding leo females, so we have 2-4 liters of leonbergers a year. As we do give breaks between liters.

- If training, or shipping the puppy balance must be paid in full by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old. If picking up locally you will pay at pickup as long as their is no training being done & is payable at that time in cash only. 

- We do NOT guarantee sexes (as this is outside of our control) in the event that we do not have your requested sex, you can wait for the requested sex or pick from avaliable puppies.  Please be sure you click the "Agreements tab" at the top of our website, and review all agreements prior to placing a deposit. 

Adoption Fee

Males: $3,500   Females: $3,000


$800-1500 for flier on lap

(48 states) price varies depending on other locations

Deposit list:

Pups will be filled in 

We are NOW taking deposits



1.  Submit an application  

2.  Submit a $500 deposit to get added to our deposit list. 

3.  Added to the deposit list

4.  You will be notified once we have a puppy

available for you. We try to give as much notice as possible. (WE NOTIFY YOU)

5.  We cannot control liter size or sexes we get, so there may be a wait for the requested sex.

6.  We have multiple females so we have several liters each year.

we will notify you once a puppy is ready for you.


planned liters for 2021

*All pups are sold as pet/family ONLY, required spay/neuter before 12 months old*

We Offer Professional Puppy Training

Our pups typically start training at 8 weeks old


 NOTE: If you want to adopt a OakRidge Leonberger puppy, you may want to secure a pick position right away! Most of our puppies PRE-SELL prior to whelping. The following families/individuals have been approved to adopt a puppy from OakRidge Leonbergers. Their puppy pick positions are noted below.

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Spots are limited

  •  let us know right away if you would like to include professional puppy training with your Leo puppy 


OakRidge Leonbergers

Owned by Oakridge Kennel & Homestead. LLC

1.  Arana Family- Male

2.  Lamb Family- Female

3.  Westby Family- Male

4. Armato Family- Female

5.  Mclntosh Family- Male

6.  Hass Family - Male

7.  Korchyk Family - Male

8. Hardy Family- Male

9.  Hori Family - NP

​10. Krieger Family- NP

11. Stanley Family- NP

12 Stevens Family- Male

13. Meyer Family- Male

14. Yanda Family- Female

15. Lindell Family - Female

16. Kucrea Family- NP

17. Narel Family - MALE

18. Kopecky Family- Male

19. Reiman Family - NP

​20. Pender Family- MALE